Carols of Christmas

Our family loves music. Our family loves Christmas. And, yes, our family loves Christmas Music. We appreciate the integration of the old and new, traditional messages in fresh modes, and the appreciation for the history of the Faith in new remembrances.
Earlier this week, Rob came upon this version of the “Wexford Carol.” As best we can tell, it dates from the 12th century in Wexford County, Ireland. (One day soon we will talk about Irish Christianity and influence on the Northeast of England.) This is a version that features Allison Krause and Yo Yo Ma.  Hard to wrong with that, right?  It was a joy to study to this during the week.
As you listen, contemplate the words and their meanings. Enjoy the excellent presentation. And prepare, prepare for the coming of the Saviour.

Christmas Blessings from County Durham!


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