Field Trip Friday #11 – Scotland!

Yesterday was one of the few Field Trip Fridays that Rob has been able to attend with us.  We got up early and caught a train at the Durham rail station for Scotland.  We wanted to take a day trip to Edinburgh to see the city and the famed Christmas Market set up there.

It was an easy short train ride.  One of the first things we saw after leaving the train was a street musician playing the bagpipes.

Bagpipes in Scotland

Meg and Joshua had a go at the beautiful two story carousel.

Meg and Joshua at the Christmas Market

Meg and Joshua at the Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is quite beautiful.  Everything you can imagine in there.  Ice Skating rink, rides, international foods and of course gifts.

There are several free museums in Edinburgh as it is the capital of Scotland.


Meg up close to a Degas

The Scotland National Gallery is one of them.  The school we attend in the states has a fantastic art program.  They have studied a curriculum called, “Meet the Masters”.  It was fun to watch Joshua and Meg discovering art work that they’d only ever seen in books.

Monet - Poplars on the River Epte

Monet – Poplars on the River Epte


van Gogh – Olive Trees

After the National Art Gallery we began our walk up the “Royal Mile”.


High above Edinburgh (the old and the new)

Tomorrow we will tell you more about Field Trip Friday #11.

Merry Christmas!



2 responses to “Field Trip Friday #11 – Scotland!

  1. I am so excited for you. I also love the grat artists and Van Gogh is my favorite. I know it was a Fantastic Friday!!

    • Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the art gallery. Your package arrived. I put the gifts under the tree. The kids woke up in such a state to see more things there under the tree. They are excited for Christmas Day. You are so kind. Miss you. Love, Beth

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