When in London (Part 2)

Rob is back in the office today working hard.  The kids and I will tackle a few homeschool projects today.

Here are a few pictures that relate to yesterday’s blog post.

The London Eye is a great place to start any tour of London.

MArme and PA on the London Eye

MArme and PA on the London Eye

It gives you a great over view of the city and helps you get your bearings.

Check on line for ticket deals and multiple site ticket deals.

From the Eye there is a 360 degree view of the London area.

Bring a good camera. DSC04193 There are lots of photo opportunities from the Eye and from the side of the River Thames.

Arriving here a few hours before sunset will give you an opportunity to see the lights of the city.  Beautiful.

If it is raining or cold there are a few cafes located beside the river.  Get a nice cuppa and enjoy the view.


Joshua in awe of the Rosetta Stone.

Plan time to visit the many museums of London.   They are free and hold treasures from all over the world. DSC04300DSC04295

 The buildings themselves could be days and days worth of walking and looking not to mention the treasures that I’ve only seen in books.



I loved all of the animal displays.  It would take days in each museum to see everything.  The best plan is to pick the section or items that you really want to see.

Then stick to your plan.

There are shops and stores that are exciting, even if you are just browsing.  DSC04676At Hamby’s Toy Store you can even meet the royal family.   Just as we did.

DSC04684 DSC04687

It was ok with us that they were just made of Lego.

There was even a display of the crown jewels in Lego.

We even saw the Queen.  DSC04685(lego as well.)  Very fun.

The last thing I will post is a photo from the changing of the Horse Guards.   You can read more about the House Hold Cavalry here…  http://www.householdcavalrymuseum.co.uk


This happens each day rain or shine at 11:00 am.

After looking through all of these photos I will have to stop somewhere. Perhaps,  a few more tomorrow.



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