Packing Up Christmas

Just a short note today.  We are working through our home school lessons and packing away the Christmas decorations.  Since my parents are here we are filling one of their small carry on bags with our Christmas decorations, stockings and sweet nativity set. 


It is  bit overcast today but not cold out.  I think all of your nice warm Alabama and Florida sunshine came over with us in September.  Many friends have been asking me to post our snow pictures….well.  We don’t have any to post.  It has hardly even dropped below the freezing mark at all.  We may cross over to Scotland (very nearby) and see if we can find some if it doesn’t snow soon.  The kids are itching to pull out their sledges.  I had to hide them away so they wouldn’t start riding down the stairs in our little English house. 🙂

Well more packing up to do.  I’m sure many of you are doing the same this week.  Remember as we pack away the items and “stuff” of Christmas to keep the Christ child in our hearts and the spirit of love, joy, peace and giving ever present in our lives.




5 responses to “Packing Up Christmas

  1. The Haynes, About the sliding down the stairs it would be funny if Meg and/or Joshaua would line the sled up with the open door and slide out the door (I got this idea from home alone movie).

    • Lily,

      I did pack the kid’s sledges away because I was afraid they would start riding them down the stairs. LOL The stairs end at a wall soooo it wouldn’t be a good run as they would crash in to the wall at the bottom. They can not wait to see snow.

      Ms. Beth

  2. Visiting the “Lake District” is on my bucket list. Rob, I know you know that this was where Wordsworth and Coleridge lived and became the inspiration for their romanticism. Did you visit Tintern Abbey while there?

    Also, I want to visit Durham cathedral at some point. Recently (I think it was the BBC) did a special on how these cathedrals were built without modern construction tools. Absolutely fascinating–it demonstrates some of the best aspects of our species.

    It got down to 15 degrees here last Monday and by Friday it was up to 70 degrees–gotta love Lower Alabama. Thanks for the pics and the blogs–very enjoyable reading–Barry Nowlin

    • Hi Barry,
      Add Beatrix Potter to your list of Lake District writers. A quick visit there will show you why they felt so inspired. We did not visit many sites while we were there. Most of the day was “windshield hiking.” This time of year most sites are closed in this part of the world. They re-open in March. I could spend a few years here just seeing all these other things. Guess I better get school accomplished first!

      When you come to Durham Cathedral, we will give you the VIP tour. We are, if I may say so, becoming good at it! We would love to show you around.
      The weather in the UK has been quite warm. It has been in the 40’s and 50’s quite often. It feels like we are in Lower Alabama most of the time. It is not quite the cold and snowy that we thought we might hit. It will be interesting to see what February and March bring.

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