Goodbyes are never easy.  It was hard today to say goodbye to Pa and Marme as they headed back to Alabama.  We have had the most amazing three weeks with them. Image Such a blessing!  We have seen new places together, introduced them to Durham and our friends here, and sharing this 3 bedroom one bath English home with them.  There is a certain richness that comes from having all six of us in this home together, it takes a bit of planning and sharing but so rich. Image Joshua and Meg were quite sad on the way home from the airport.  There were a few tears shed.  In an attempt to cheer Joshua I said we could move him back to his room and play Legos this afternoon.  He said, “I’d rather not have my room back and just be packed in the house with Marme and Pa”.  😦


We know that we will see them again in a few short months when we return to Fairhope.  It won’t be long.  In fact we have almost reached the half way mark.  Something that i have very mixed emotions about.  Our hearts will live in two places now.

There are many things to look forward to here.  Meg and Joshua watch the weather constantly for a chance of snow (hopeful sometime before spring).  We have had a very mild winter here and most days it has been colder in Alabama than here.  It has been the warm gulf stream air that has fed the mild winter here.  Perhaps it followed us here.

The kids are ready to see their first snow.  I am looking forward to it too but hope the snow holds off another week so that we can have a semi normal school lesson week.

Well goodbyes today will lead to hellos another day.




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