My Album Cover, well maybe one day

The rain passed this Sunday afternoon and we decided to get out of the house a little bit.  Today was the last day of our car that we rented to get the family  around.  We loaded up the kids scooters and headed over to Finchale Priory.  I had not been there, only the kids and Beth.  (See more about it in Field Trip Friday Post #7 here).

The Priory was established in the 13th century as a place of retreat along the River Wear.  The monks founded it upon a retired pirate’s hermitage.  Monks and retired pirates…now that’s quite a combination.

Beth and I walked around and took pictures while the kids played Pirates, Lord of the Rings, and a dozen other games of imagination.  I decided that if I ever record an album, this will be where we go to do the cover photo shoot.  Just to clarify, no, I’m not a musician and won’t be recording an album.  I think you can see why.


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