Day 2 – Meals from Roasted Chicken

So last night we continued to enjoy the roasted chicken in a new way that did not seem like leftovers at all.

I pulled all of the dark meat from the bones and chopped it.  Placed it on the cooker top on medium heat.

Add:  1 cup of water, 1\4 cup of chilli powder, garlic (fresh or powdered), sea salt, tsp or two of corn starch.  (Don’t buy ready made taco seasoning.  It is soooo easy and cheap to make.  Pintrest has loads of ideas.)

Cook until reduced then add a can of black beans and a 1\2 cup of frozen corn (leftovers again)

We served these with spinach salad for topping with plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream (healthier), I made an assembly line in the kitchen.  We had a few hard taco shells, soft tortillas and chips for salad.  Each of us prefers tex mex in a different way.


I felt like a feast.  Very quick and inexpensive meal.



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