Field Trip Saturday (and a day out)

This week’s field trip was moved to Saturday.  This allowed us to get some more work done at school and allowed Rob go with us as well.  Mr. Ray picked us up and we headed down to the Beamish Museum.  Beamish is a living museum recreating life in the late 19th and early 20th century.  More about what we’ve learned later this week.

On this Sunday, when we saw a little snow here, we are expecting more snow this week, and we are watching our friends and family in Alabama watching for snow, we will share a few pictures of our time on the ice.  This was the first time at ice skating for Joshua, second for Meg.  Beamish has a nice little ice rink set up with a nice blend of modern skates and period environment.


2 responses to “Field Trip Saturday (and a day out)

  1. If you got the Annual Tickets, make sure you go back when the Summer Opening schedule begins. I think there tends to be a lot more going on around the site with more people dressed up in period costumes.
    The great thing about Beamish is it is different every time you go.

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