Bryophyta Hunt

Before this life that I have taken on this year I was a teacher.  So this year is not too terribly different. I am a teacher, home educating my children in a country on the other side of the pond.  The only difference is that my normal occupation is a “music teacher”.  This year diving back into subjects that have less to do with meter and pitch and more to do with conjugation of Latin verbs and math word problems.  One of the really fun subjects I am getting to teach this year is  Life Science.  I am brushing up on my Kingdoms and Phylums and keeping it all fun with Super Fab Science Labs. 

Yesterday, on our walk to the Crusty Bun to visit Lynn and Kate, the kids and I went on a bit of a scavenger hunt.  We were hunting Bryophyta.    Sounds like a prehistoric dinosaur doesn’t it.  Well is is mostly green and hangs around damp places but it is very much alive.  We found at least four different species of Bryophyta and took them home for further study.


We decided to combine a bit of literature with our science lesson and keep these Bryophyta in a safe place for a bit.

Joshua and Meg constructed a damp terrarium environment complete with a hobbit hole house for our four guests.


A bit more fun and memorable learning plantea phyllums like “mosses” this way.  Don’t you think?


2 responses to “Bryophyta Hunt

  1. I think, in fact I know i would have enjoyed Science so much more at school if it had been fun. So well done Beth for not boring the bairns In lessons my teacher was so dull, watching paint dry was more entertaining xx

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