Snow Where?

Many of our friends in Alabama and Florida saw the most amazing sight in their own backyards. Sleet, freezing rain and snow.

While it was fun to stay up late looking at all 38 of the 4″ inch tall snowmen that my friends posted ice storms in the deep south are no laughing matter. Yes, schools and businesses shut down for 2″ of predicted icy precipitation. It seems like a crazy excuse for a snow day for friends in the north who deal with this on a daily basis. In the deep south we do not even have salt to put down on the roads and no county is going to invest in a snow plow when it snows like this once in 20 years…. maybe.


View of Birmingham Alabama

Several of my family and friends in the Birmingham area were trapped at work school and on icy interstates as heavier than predicted snow, sleet and ice quickly moved into the area.  Schools and businesses had not closed for the day so motorist rushing to beat the weather suddenly found themselves stuck, some less than five miles from home.


Even our neighbour the “sunshine state” was under some ice last night.

Two friends spent the night consoling daycare toddlers to sleep without their moms.  Most did well but I am sure those ladies are ready to get to their own homes, let the dogs out of the house they’ve been locked in for over 24 hours, and get some sleep. reported nearly 2,000 students had to stay at their schools last night.  Wow!  It snowed where???

Hasn’t stuck here in northeast England, not yet anyway.

Stay warm and dry friends,



4 responses to “Snow Where?

  1. Wow I would not like to spend the night at school I wouldn’t know what to do I would not have any pjs, toothbrush, tooth paste, and etc.


    • That is right Lily. Some kids spent two nights at school. They slept on gym mats and covered up with teacher’s coats. I think it would be an adventure. You would be able to tell your great grand kids about it.
      – Ms. Beth

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