English Footie

Wednesday evening my dad and I got to enjoy a football match with another family from Carrville Methodist.  On the way there my dad was asking all of the important questions like, “So can you sack the guy with the ball?” or, “So when do you pick up the ball and run?”.  I had a feeling that he was driving everyone up the wall. When we arrived at the stadium, the daughter really wanted to go to the Sunderland store. (For the Newcastle fans reading this, we had to go to one game while we’re here).


We arrived at the stadium in time to see the opposing team arrive in a very posh ( thats British for fancy) bus.  When we finally arrived at our seats it was about 6:30. The match didn’t start till 7:45.  Oh boy. But soon I realised why we arrived so early. The seats had writing on them and within 15 – 20 minutes, I couldn’t read the writing on them because of all the fans.While we were waiting, I whispered to my dad, “What do we do when they sing the national anthem?” He had no idea, so I figured we should just mouth the word watermelon.  But at 7:45, the game started with out the national anthem.  Oh well.  The match was exactly 94 minutes to the second. That’s one of the things I like about English football. Sunderland won 1-0. It was quite a pleasant evening and we learned a lot about football.  In the future though I think I’ll stay in my seat for half time. 🙂

Keep Smiling,



7 responses to “English Footie

  1. Good choice in the team to watch Josh…..would have had to ban you from the Crusty Bun if you started supporting Newcastle lol xx

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