Blessed are the……..

Just returned home from another sunny Sunday morning of worship and fellowship at Carrville Methodist. It is always sunny inside this house of worship even if the sun isn’t shining outdoors. It was a thought provoking sermon by Rev. Calvin Samuel. The scripture for today’s message was from the sermon on the mount, Chapter 5 of Matthew, The Beatitudes.  I know this scripture well as many of you do however I saw it in a new light today as Rev. Samuel spoke.


How many of the things in our lives that make us unhappy or sad should we be realising as blessings? How many times have we experienced more work, delay or sadness over some event that in the space of time can be later viewed as a blessing? I began to think of things in my own life that have seemed challenging over this past year. How many , many of those have been blessings.

Blessed are those without cars…….for they will meet wonderful new friends along their walks.


Blessed are those without cars……. because they will receive free motivation to exercise.

Blessed are those without cars ………. because they will create fantastic stories and games with their children along their walks.

Blessed are those without dishwashers…….. for they will enjoy deep conversations with their (almost) teenage son whilst washing up after supper.

Blessed are the students…… for they will learn to depend more fully on God’s provision for their needs.

Blessed are the households with only one bathroom….. as they will learn how to share and express more patience. (A work in progress says Joshua.)

Blessed are the winter months ….as darkness brings more rest time and warm cuppas filled with conversation.

Blessed are the travellers to foreign lands… they will find comfort and warm hospitality.

We are blessed by our friends and family on both sides of the world. Thank you for showering us with your love and support.

What struggles have you faced lately that could be seen as blessings from the other side?


Blessed are the………….



2 responses to “Blessed are the……..

  1. Struggled last week with ice and snow in Fairhope, Alabama. Blessed are those that only have such for only two days in a decade.
    Blessed are we that know Jesus, and he walked everywhere he went also. Love to all, Sarah

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