Serfs Up?

One of the things we really love about our school in the states and the classical approach to education is the study of world history in a chronological fashion. Our second grade students begin world history with a look at the ancient cultures, most notably the Egyptians. Our teachers do a fabulous job integrating the history theme for the year into their classrooms. Theme days, projects, classroom decor and leader charts all completely immerse the students in that year’s history.

Our third grade students study the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Grand greco roman columns grace the entrance into their classroom. Greek olympics, costumes of the gods and goddesses fill the lesson plans. They begin a four year study of the grammar of latin during their third grade year as well.

All this to say that Meg and Joshua have grown to love history at their school. Meg’s fourth grade class has been very busy this year digging deep into the history of the Medieval and Renaissance era. So for Meg living here in the heart of Medieval history “serfs up” this week as we dig into the Feudal System. I guess technically “serfs are down” at the lowest level of this medieval hierarchy.


She said a bit ago that it isn’t as much fun without her classmates. In an attempt to live a bit of history ourselves we will bake some medieval fare, make a salt dough model of a motte and bailey and visit some real castles.

If you would like to learn more about Classical Christian Education read the link below. Also, you can view Joshua and Meg’s earlier blog posts on Durham Cathedral and Castle.





Below is a great article by Dorothy Sayers

An overview video of Classical Christian Education



2 responses to “Serfs Up?

    • I am sometimes jealous of my kid’s studies at school. I feel short changed by my education process. So, I am soaking up as much as I can while here. Loving every minute teaching the kids this year.


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