I have always LOVED Valentine’s Day. Ever since I was a child it has been one of my favourite holidays. To me it has never been a holiday that’s soul purpose is romantic love. It has always been about much, much more than that.

I view Valentine’s Day as a wonderful excuse to share love, agape, brotherly love with those around me every day. It is a day to fill other’s cup to overflowing.


We never have enough time during the Christmas season to bake all the decorative cookies that I’d like to. So, we take my grandma’s Christmas cookie recipe and use it for Valentine’s Day. We share them at school with our teachers and classmates. We make them for the postman, (perhaps this year for the bus driver too).

A few years back Rob and I decided to surprise the kids in fun way on Valentine’s Day. The night before, armed with several $1 rolls of red and white streamers, we rolled them in their beds while they slept. It was fun, and created a lot of memories. We left treats on their pillow and enjoyed their amazement upon waking the next morning.

Rob and I don’t make February 14th a date night instead we set the table with the good dishes, dress nice, light the candles and serve a family dinner with all sorts of heart-shaped foods. Some years we invite dear friends to join us for our fancy feast.

Don’t be alone on Valentine’s Day! Surprise fellow co-workers with agape love. Spend a few pounds or dollars at the Dollar Tree or Poundland. Decorate their computer, leave treats in the break room. Leave civil workers or pastors a homemade treat. Invite friends over for homemade pizza night.  Let’s not let the holiday be only about romantic love. Share the agape love of Christ with someone this year until their cup overflows.   You’ve got three more days…….let’s get busy.



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