I bet you saw this title and thought, “Wow!  They are finally getting snow way up there in Northeast England.  No it is quite the opposite here.  We took a walk to our Monday “cuppa” at the Crusty Bun.  Along the way we passed a man in the road.  We said “Sure is gorgeous weather for the middle of February.”  He hissed a long “Shhhhhhh” with his finger over his lips.  He laughed and said, “Mind it’ll hear ya!    Don’t want to be reminding it that its supposed to be February.”   We bid him “Cheers” and went our way.

On our way back home I began to notice all of the bulbs poking their heads above the always emerald green grass.  I remembered seeing masses of those green spikes last week at the Botanic Garden.  I stopped and studied them a bit closer.  Some of them were beginning to flower.  Were these bulbs normally flowering in what should be deep winter?  Do they think it an early spring?


I went home and did a bit of research.  Turns out they are Snowdrops and normally push thru the snow to bloom in mid February.  I bet in a week the hills in the Botanic Garden will be awash with white flowers and green stems.  Sounds like another Field Trip Friday idea.

I am enjoying all of the beautiful new “to me” plants and wildlife.   I just realised that a budding bush near us is a pussy willow.  I think I will go bring a few branches  in to watch them bloom.  We will enjoy the Snowdrops as we wait to see real snow that we can ride our sledges across.




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