The pets we left behind










One of the hardest thing about moving across the globe is making difficult decisions about your pets.  We have made the best choices for their health and well being while we are away.  The support that we have received from family and friends in regard to our pets has been overwhelming and we feel blessed beyond measure.  We live out in the country. I have an older horse who is the daughter of my first horse.  I was there when she was born.  I raised and trained her mother and her.  Her name is Shira which means “Song” in hebrew.  Shira will be 21 in March.  She lives with her best friend “Zee” and our dear friends and neighbours did not hesitate to volunteer to keep her for the year.  I miss her and her warm horsey smell, riding, and siting in her stall listening to her munch hay.

DSC00352 DSC00350






Our dog Zoe is staying with her cousin dog with my brother’s family.  It was VERY hard to leave her behind.  Since we will only be here for a year bringing her was not an option.  Shipping animals overseas is costly and traumatic.  She loves my brother and his family.  The videos and photos of her tell us that she is beyond happy there.  In fact they are already trying to negotiate how to keep her forever.

DSC00769 1470170_10151781157688021_288234064_n









Our wonderful cat Mister Sun is staying with my sister and her family.  He LOVES them and is quite happy.  He also may not want to come home…to the dog….



Our backyard laying hens are “farmed” out to two different friends and are enjoying their life and hopefully paying their keep with fresh eggs. 🙂


Friends and family we are so grateful for making this year so wonderful for our pets and blessing us with the opportunity to be here.




3 responses to “The pets we left behind

  1. Hi Rob and family. I guess you heard about our “sleet storm” last week. It actually had a name: Leon. How are the studies going Rob? Are you in the writing stage yet? I plan to be in London at the end of may; perhaps during my travels I see you for lunch. Hope everything is going well. Barry

    • We are working hard at home school and Rob is working harder at his studies. You need to come up on the train to see us in Durham. Please let us show you this beautiful land and introduce you to our friends here.


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