Thieves, Knights and Farmers Oh My

We had a couple of sweet friends over tonight for dinner and games. We received a game for Christmas called “Carcassonne”.   It is a strategy game like risk but the board is created during play as each player draws tiles. Players attempt, during their turn, to complete cities, cloisters, and roads. Points are awarded based on areas completed and on acquired farm land touching completed cities.


Small wooden figures representing people, “meeples” are used to claim and hold territory.


We have greatly enjoyed this game. It has been a fun way for all of us to sharpen our critical thinking skills. The game is recommended for ages 13 and up, however our 10 year old enjoys Carcassonne and has no trouble keeping up and sometimes besting the rest of us.

Many expansion packs are available for this game. This gives us ideas for future gift ideas.  This game has created fun family nights when the cold wind and rain are howling outside.  Great winter weather fun…..till the snow comes.  We are still waiting.




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