It is wonderfully R.A.D.

It has been a very busy Saturday for us. Joshua has fencing lessons on Saturday a.m. and for a few Saturdays Meg also has extra rehearsal for her ballet exams. A friend asked me today why they are called “exams”.

The Royal Academy of Dance operates out of London and trains dance teachers world wide. They offer certification for studios and examinations for students. Each year ballet students at RAD studios across the UK have the opportunity to dance for the RAD examiners who may then pass the students to the next level of dance.


Meg was a bit apprehensive at first and was unsure if she wanted to participate in the exam process. Her wonderful teacher encouraged her to go for it. We all told her it may be a once in a lifetime experience. Meg is now enjoying the process and glad she is working toward exams next month.

You can read more about the Royal Academy of Dance on their website.

There are quite a few brothers who have to endure an hour or more each week in the lobby waiting on their ballerina sisters.  Joshua calls this band of brothers RADDD.  What does that stand for you may ask?  Really Awesome Dudes Dragged to Dance.   Ha. Poor guys.

Cheers, Beth


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