Another glorious winter day here in North East England. I can not believe that it is February. There was a cold breeze blowing this morning but for most of the day it was warm (for February) and brilliantly sunny.


Sunny Day Outside Church this Morning

We enjoyed our walk to church this morning. Mr. Ray took us to a traditional Sunday Dinner at a pub this afternoon. It was delicious fare.

During the service we were all asked to list things that we were rejoicing about today.  Many people listed the nice weather.  It is something to rejoice in.  In Paul’s letter to the Philippians from prison he wrote to “rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and again I say rejoice”.   That means even on the rainy, dark, cold days rejoice in the Lord.  We can always find cause for rejoicing if all else seems lost we can always rejoice in our salvation through Christ alone.

Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and AGAIN I say REJOICE!  Rejoice today with the day God has given to you.

Cheers and Blessings,



2 responses to “Rejoice!

  1. We’re finally out of our deep-freeze here. My tomato seeds have hatched and I will plant them in the ground shortly. Did the storm that blew in from the east coast of England get up your way? I understand the Thames was flooded and even the royals were out sandbagging. Rob, you remember that spring was the time for pilgrimages to Canterbury. I know it’s a long way south of you, but try to take the family before you return to the states. Blessings from Marlow, Alabama–Barry

  2. Hi Barry,
    We missed the major part of the storm, but we have seen several days when the winds are blowing at 50-75mph. Probably more than I’ve seen on the Gulf Coast and I haven’t seen one doomsday proclaimer from the Weather Channel yet! We are praying for the people down in the southeast. It has been flooded down there since Christmas Eve. Bad news.

    There are so many literary sites that I want to see. So many things in London, even, that I haven’t seen yet. I need just a year of literary pilgrimages!


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