Pray for the Ukraine and Venezuela

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Today my heart is heavy with the struggles of people on two different sides of our world.  Join with me in prayer for the people of the Ukraine and Venezuela.  Share the stories of these people and pray.


2 responses to “Pray for the Ukraine and Venezuela

  1. HI there, sir are you calling for freedom in Venezuela? The P.S.U.V won those elections fair and square. I think whether the Christians in Syria, poorer people in Venezuela some who are no longer poor thanks to Chavez. or the eastern Ukrainians whom speak Russian. we have a tendency to ignore their voices to make blanket statements. I found your sight upon looking for prayer groups for Venezuela. Venezuela is a direct democracy I think the people don’t like the P.S.UV vote them out. The reason that’s happening is whatever problems there are and there sure are. they don’t want to go back to the right wing policies of the Washington Consensus. So I share your heart for the people but lets not be hoodwinked cause all three of these countries are part of a chessboard and we are fed only negative about governments where two of them actually elected the President. are allied with Russia. Travis

    • Hello Travis,
      Thank you for your comment and helpful insights. We don’t pretend to have a complete grasp on the intricate political situations in all these nations. They all have a long, rich history. There are several nuances that cannot be fully comprehended without a lifetime of study in each situation.
      This is exactly why I am determined to do what I can do: pray. Pray for the wonderful and beautiful people involved in all of these struggles. To pray for peace to prevail. To pray that they may know the richness of life that God has to offer them. To pray that they will be free from the scourge of strife and death. To pray as Isaiah prophesied God will do in Chapter 2, Verse 4:

      He shall judge between the nations,
      and shall decide disputes for many peoples;
      and they shall beat their swords into plowshares,
      and their spears into pruning hooks;
      nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
      neither shall they learn war anymore. (Isaiah 2:4)

      Thank you for your honest insight to the situation that we would have not seen otherwise. We will continue to pray for you and all the people of Venezuela and the Ukraine.

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