The Milk Man – (Things I thought were extinct)

Meg was invited to a pizza and movie night at a friend’s house last night.  I was sharing conversation and a cuppa tea with the Mom in their kitchen.  She pulled the milk out of the fridge and I saw something a kin to a dinosaur.  “Wow!”  I gasped.  “Where ever do you buy those?”  I was referencing the old fashioned glass milk bottle that she pulled out of the fridge.

She told me they had their milk delivered to the house ever day.  Their milk man comes rain or shine, sleet or snow.  That is just too neat.  I thought those days were LONG gone.  For the cost of around 30 pounds per month they have glass bottled, fresh from the dairy milk and cream delivered to the door.  That my friends is supporting local, small business.

To find a milkman near you (or for my insanely curious American friends) click on this link.

Wow!  I feel as though I have just discovered a live dinosaur in Durham.




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