Sweet Home Alabama

We are so thrilled to have our dear friend and neighbour Rebecca, from back home in Alabama visiting for the week.   Rebecca is here on her spring break from Auburn University along with her friend Andrea.  It has been a joy to introduce them to the friends and places in Durham.

Yesterday Meg had her R.A.D. ballet exams.  They went very well.  She has enjoyed learning ballet under a new system here in England.  I was able to snap a few pictures before she went in for those of you dance enthusiast friends in the states.  DSC05581We are so proud of Meg for trying something new.  The exam system is a bit intimidating and Meg went forward in spite of the extra practice that was required and some fear of the unknown.  She came out from the exam all smiles.

After the exam we joined Andrea and Rebecca at the Cathedral to show them around a bit.  We of course visited the Lego Cathedral Table and then climbed the Tower together.

We finished the day with American Pizza (Papa John’s just moved in our neighbourhood ) for supper and introduced Kate and Lynn to our visiting friends.  I made a batch of Southern Nanna Puddin’ so Kate and Lynn (our friends from the Crusty Bun in Carrville) could see what all that was about. 🙂  They said they liked it.




4 responses to “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. We LOVE Nanna puddin it was lush and it was a pleasure to meet your lovely friends ;)). Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess and friend xx

  2. Meg, we are proud of you also. I knew you would do good though. I would like to see you dance when you come back home. aunt Kathy and Uncle Paul

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