Sun by the Sea

It was a beautiful day today. The kids and I took our friends on a bus ride to the sea. It felt so good to smell the salt air, hear the cry of gulls and be warmed by the sun. Our friends did a bit of exploring while the kids and I enjoyed the North Sea shore. We hunted sea glass and Joshua collected very large rock specimens, one of which he hid in my backpack unbeknownst to me. :0

I enjoyed watching the gulls from a top a large flat rock which had become quite toasty in the sun. I must have looked a bit like a lizard up there soaking up the rays.

We journeyed home via the bus and Rebecca and Andrea enjoyed a walk to town and a hike around the river Wear (long E). Joshua and I took Meg to ballet while Rob put in a 10 hours day with his books and writing. It was a busy, fun day here in Durham. Having all of you along for the journey makes it nearly perfect.



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