Not just in Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t know how you plan to celebrate the day but the Haynes family will probably bake a few shamrock cookies for our dinner dessert tonight and that will be about all.

We have not ventured over to the neighbouring island of Ireland during our time here. Mostly because it is so close but yet so far away. Ireland can be reached by sea or by air. There is a ferry boat which I hear at times can pitch along quite wildly across the Irish Sea and the other way across is to fly. So you see it isn’t as close as it seems.

On my bucket list I always thought I wanted to see the green hills of Ireland but I realise that I have seen green hills here in England. The grass here is amazingly soft and green, lush and beautiful all year round. Even after a freeze the grass still looks gorgeous.

So I may not make it over to those green Irish hills but I think that I already have an idea what they look like….. green and lovely.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



2 responses to “Not just in Ireland

  1. Good Day, my dear friends. I am writing a children’s story for each day of Lent this year. So funny, my story today was my Bucket List – and God’s too!! If you want to get them, email me and I will send them to the children. I am too shy to do a blog!!!!! Harriet

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