An incredibly Small World

We have this bit of a story from back when we first met Mr. Ray.   You can read about our first meeting here

Read the above post and then I will tell you the VERY small world part of this story.  As Paul Harvey would always say on his radio programme now you will “know the REST of the story”.   Some time after we had become good friends with Mr. Ray were talking to him about his friends in Paducah, Kentucky, where Rob was born.  Mr. Ray met these American friends much like he met us, while traveling by Shank’s Pony.  He has been to Kentucky to visit these friends and they have been back here.  Mr. Ray also has a weekly Skype appointment with them.  As Rob was talking to Mr. Ray one day they realised that Rob had taken a college Math’s course from Mr. Ray’s Paducah friend.

We both knew the same person!  What a small world is that?  I don’t think it was any small coincidence that we met Mr. Ray along the streets of Carrville, England.  In fact I am sure that God has placed many people along our path here this year to lift our spirits and provide rich friendships here in County Durham.   Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow most of all the riches of friendships.





6 responses to “An incredibly Small World

  1. It is indeed a small world! In Confirmation class today I told my small group that what we do, good or not so good, definitely ripples around the community and the world. So every good deed and witness is incredibly important. Have a great day

    • Thanks Gene,

      We are truly witnessing what an impact people have on each other even from across the world. It has given us a much deeper grasp of who our “neighbour” is. Thank you for being one of those blessings of friendship to us.


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