Our small, small world

During our year in Durham, UK we had some wonderful small world experiences.  For instance when we first met our dear Mr. Ray.   We found out later that Mr. Ray’s friend in Kentucky was someone we knew.  An incredibly Small World

Now it seems that our world has become even more connected.  A dear friend of ours from Alabama had spent a short few years studying in Italy.  She spent time following our blog during her time there and after she moved back home to Alabama.  She had an opportunity  to move to England because family ties and heritage.  She asked Rob about locations in England that would be nice to call home.  She wanted to live somewhere that would have easy access to London by train and have a great historical culture with which she could connect.  He looked at several options with her but they kept coming back to Durham.

Dori bravely packed up her life into some suitcases and within a week of receiving her visa moved to Durham.  That is what I call adventure!  Ms. Dori is enjoying the British life, culture and history in Durham.  She has already met many of our sweet friends.  We could not be more pleased.  So the adventures continue.

We recently received a photo from her of this charming gentleman after he had so kindly shown her around for us.  Our dear Mr. Ray!  He is looking well I think.  I hope they have a few field trip Fridays like we did.  I am glad that our friends have made Dori feel so welcome in Durham.  What a small, small world!





2 responses to “Our small, small world

  1. Oh I am so happy Mr. Ray has someone from the great State of Alabama to keep him happy. I was quite concerned about his happiness when the Haynes family left him. It was like he was suppose to come home with all of you. I am sure Dori will fall in love with him also.
    It is a small, small world.



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