Imperfect Perfection

After our volunteer work at the Lego table this week we had a special tour from a friend who knows a lot about the Cathedral.   We had heard interesting stories about places in the cathedral that we wanted to see for ourselves.  One of those tales concerned the beautiful patterns in the Norman architecture columns.

The columns were decorated with beautiful patterns in the stone.  There are several patterns cut into the stone chevrons, diagonals and vertical lines.

When the cathedral was built a thousand years ago one of the chevron patterns on just one column was cut purposefully upside down.  Do you know why anyone would purposefully cause a mistake in on of the most beautiful pieces of Norman Architecture in the world?  Because the cathedral was built for the glory of God and God alone is perfect.  The cathedral had to contain at least one purposeful mistake as a statement that our creator, Father and God is alone perfect.


In spite of the mistake in the beautiful chevron pattern I still love the cathedral.  God loves us too in all spite of our upside down mistakes.  He sent perfect Jesus to pay the price for our sins and “imperfections” so that we might live with Him in eternity as perfected creations through Jesus.  All He asks of us is to come to Him and take this amazing gift He has to offer.  Do you believe God created you and this amazing world?  Do you believe He loves you in spite of any of your imperfections?  Take His free offer of life with Him.  Follow Him.  His love is perfect.




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