100 Days

100 Days!  What could you do with 100 Days?

We are in unbelief how fast our time here is moving.  What should we do with our next 100 days?  We have plotted a calendar with our remaining local Field Trip Fridays.  There should be 30 in all if we are able to go somewhere each Friday.

100 Days…… We will spend time working at the Cathedral Lego table, attending Brownies, and grooming horses at Washington Riding Centre

100 Days… Rob will continue his daily work on his research.  He has completed an amazing amount of reading and writing since arriving in September and we are very proud of him.

100 Days…… We will soak up time with friends and pour back some of ourselves into the community.  “Leave it better than you found it.”

100 Days…. We will enjoy even more visits to the Crusty Bun.  Savoury Shepherds Pie, biscuits, cuppas and warm smiles…. laughter too.

100 Days ….. to learn more traditional songs of the Northeast

100 Days….. to finish our classical home school lessons for the year.

100 days……. to somehow get our hands on a live tiny lamb and give its cottony self a big squeeze

100 days……. to eat more fish and chips

100 days ……to look forward to seeing friends, family and pets that we’ve left behind

100 days….. to see a real live Puffin

100 days….to share 100 more adventures with you.  🙂






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