Crazy Busy Fun

I have not been posting much this week because we have all been busy chasing my toddler nephew around all day and crashing quickly into bed at night.  I kept said delightful, small, smiling soul all day today so that my sister and brother in law could go spend the day seeing the sights of Durham before heading back to the states.  I had a blast playing “Aunt Bethy” all day and Meg and Joshua enjoyed having a cousin to giggle at their silly ways all day.   Here are a few pictures.



2 responses to “Crazy Busy Fun

    • Thanks Kathy. We did. It was great having them here. I will say I am a bit old to keep up with a toddler again. We all slept in this am. I woke up and could not believe what time it was. We were all tuckered out. 🙂 They arrived home safe and sound.


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