Edinburgh – Old and New



One of the exciting things about living in the UK is the amazing rail system.  For much less than the cost of driving a car the same distance you can travel quite quickly from Durham for an adventurous “day out”.

A wonderful place to visit for a day or longer is Edinburgh, Scotland.  Whilst in Edinburgh there are so many things to see and experience.  The National Scottish Gallery is free and houses one of the best collections of fine art in the world.  Works of Vermeer, Monet, Titian, Van Gogh and Raphael adorn the walls for the adoring public to study and enjoy.

The  National Museum of Scotland is also free and contains technology, animal specimens, vikings, artefacts, traveling exhibits, dinosaurs, art and a fantastic wing of Medieval Scottish history.  If you have 3 hours or less I would recommend touring just the History of Scotland wing.  There are so many things to read, touch and see.  It feels a bit like time travel to be surrounded by these treasures of the past.


Add in a few bagpipes serenading a walk up the Royal Mile, a splendid view of the city and surrounding lands from the castle and it is a “day out” that is hard to beat.

Ah, lovely Edinburgh.




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