The way we roll…

Just wanted to share a quick photo with you all. I came into our home school area one day a week or so ago and found that Meg had drawn this on the marker board. photo-22 It is a funny representation of our life here in Durham. We walk most every where that we need to go but occasionally we need to travel to the opposite side of town or to a neighbouring town or village then we catch a bus.  Read about our foot travels here:

When depending on a bus for transport it is important to plan your journey and connections and arrive early at the bus stop. We have found that the Go Northeast buses are the most reliable. They have a fantastic mobile ap that allows customers the ability to purchase tickets right on their mobile devises. Sometimes we are rushing to get to the bus stop and head out the door just in time to see the bus we need zooming down the main road. Mistakes like that can cause us to miss our connecting bus thereby necessitating tossing the original plan out the window and heading back to the drawing board.

sam_0200-copy Traveling by bus means you begin with the end goal in mind. Where do you need to go? What bus stops there? How many buses will I need to connect to that bus? What is the cost of each bus? Adults? Children? When will I be heading home? Do the buses still run at that time? Which buses will bring me home? How many connections? Am I traveling more than one bus company? (day passes are only good on that particular bus line) Is the total cost more than the cost of one family day pass?

Durham Bus Station

So you can certainly see why Meg drew the picture. It is a funny drawing but as you can see by the look on Bob’s face that the reality of missing your bus stinks. Heading back to the drawing board of travel planning is a bummer.  However, when everything lines up correctly traveling by bus is an easy, economical way to roll.   Cheers, Beth


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