Newcastle Upon Tyne – Part 2

Before we reached the castle our friend took us by a fantastic private library.  “The Literary & Philosophical Society (Lit & Phil) is the largest independent library outside London, housing over 150,000 books. A wide selection of current fiction and non-fiction can be found alongside historical collections covering every field of interest.” -



Joshua and Meg LOVE libraries.  They have a tremendous love of learning and books.  I credit their teachers and genes for that one.  We sent these photos to both my Dad and Rob while we were inside the Lit and Phil.  Those two gave Joshua and Meg those genes.

This was truly an amazing place.  Here are a few photos.

We had to drag the kids out of the Lit and Phil when it was time to go as both had found a book and a comfy chair.

As promised I will take you back to the castle and continue the stories from yesterday.

Upon leaving the Black Gate visitors to the castle must walk under the railway lines to the Castle Keep.  In the 1830’s when the Tyne Valley Line was set to be built connecting Newcastle plans were made to simply “knock down the castle keep” in the name of progress.  Fortunately the Society of Antiquaries stopped the demolition plans and the rail lines pass j u s t beside the Castle Keep.


The railway line divides the Black Gate from the Castle Keep.  It is best observed from the top of the Keep.

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I’m just glad that there was a compromise reached and the Keep they decided to “keep”.

The view from atop the Castle Keep is wonderful.  There are  many bridges connecting Newcastle to it’s neighbours across the Tyne.  The white bridge is the most recent.  It was built as a foot bridge to celebrate the millennium 2000.  It has an interesting story that I will save for another blog post.

Newcastle Upon Tyne has so many stories to tell.  Until another day…




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