The marvellous sport of fencing

800 years ago, fencing was a way of settling your differences. Now, fencing is an Olympic sport. Additionally there are hundreds of fencing clubs in the USA  and well over a thousand around the world. One of these clubs is Laszlo’s Fencing. I took fencing from Byron Cobb in the states. When we moved however, we couldn’t bring coach Cobb with us. So we had to find someone else. We found Laszlo Jakab, who coached two gold medalists/torch bearers for the 2012 Olympic/ Paralympic games in London. When I began at Laszlo’s,  my dad asked, “What do you think will happen today?” I replied very honestly, “Blood, sweat and tears.”

Every end of term there is a inner-club tournament and pizza party.  Yesterday was the second one since my arrival. I placed sixth last time, so I was determined to do better.  This time I placed third.  Here are a few pics. They are in slide show mode so sit tight.

Tomorrow will be about the man who said this, “Amy Pond, there’s something you better understand about me, cos it’s important, and one day your life may depend on it.  I am definitely a madman with a box.”



Cheers! Joshua

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