Giving Up the Old Land Line

It is a small world, after all.  We can stay connected to more people in more place in more ways than ever before.  Among those ways are several options in telephones.

We recently posted a blog about weighing the costs of moving from the US to Durham, England. You can read here:
One of the topics in that post was about calling home for free. There are many options for Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) with advantages and disadvantages to them.  We call home via a small voice over internet box called an OOMA. This small box has a one time purchase price and then it turns any land line phone into a f r e e land line. You did hear that right F R E E. We wanted to keep our old local phone number…. we have had it since before the kids were born. We pay a few dollars per month (around $2) and we can keep our old number. Now anywhere we go in the world friends from the US can call our local US number that we have always had and reach us. We simply plug the OOMA into the internet and, viola, instant local phone. You can even register your OOMA with the local 911 service if you live in the US and your OOMA phone number will give Emergency Services your home location when 911 is dialed from your OOMA.


Here is the really cool bit……… We received an email from OOMA today with a special offer. They are now offering OOMA with a $50 rebate and free shipping.

I know this sounds like a TV commercial but it really is the best price we have seen on OOMA since we got ours. I know several of you have asked us about ours so if you were thinking of ditching your land line but still wanted to:

* Keep your old phone number
* Have a land line access to 911
* Take your phone and number anywhere in the world
* Get rid of the monthly land line bill

This would be a great opportunity to do so. We have really enjoyed being free from the monthly bills of a local land line. That was one of the reasons that we moved to OOMA in the first place.      No matter where we move we can always have our same home phone number.

I feel like I should at this time say: “If you act now we will throw in this deluxe offer of Ginsu Knives. HA!! All kidding aside I am not trying to sell you anything just wanting to share this coupon deal with y’all.

If you are interested in OOMA use this code to get the special offer:
Code: QUR1306

Hey!! I guess now I should close with…..”Don’t delay get your OOMA today! Operators are standing by!”
Ha! Just Kidding.


PS Feel free to post any questions that you may have about OOMA in the comments below. We will do our best to answer them.


*(NB)Please note: We do not assert that the way things are done in America are better, and the way they are done in then England is worse. We are here to tell our story of some things that we learned along the way that were simply different. Maybe these accounts will help someone else make a smooth transition to their new home in wonderful Great Britain.  In full disclosure, we do receive a nominal gift card when you order an Ooma from that link.

**Rob is a Post-Graduate Research Ph.D. in Theology at St. John’s College, Durham University. He, his wife Beth, and two children moved to Durham for Rob’s first year of research. The remainder of his Ph.D. work will be field work outside the UK.


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