Gannin’ Yem

This past week as the kids and I finished our volunteer work at the cathedral we began our uphill walk home. The people of the Northeast do not say, “I’m Going Home” but rather they say, “I’m Gannin’ Yem”.


As we were “gannin’ yem we looked back and realised just how far we had walked. The cathedral was growing smaller and smaller.



and… smaller.  You can just see the top of the Cathedral over the rooftops.


Sometimes on the journey we do not even notice how far we walk. The kids and I make up games to play along the road, tell stories and notice things like new flowers or look for four leaf clovers.


Lovely flowers along the roads in Durham

When we look back we see just how far we have come sometimes we are amazed.   Lovely Durham.  Walking everywhere seems like a blessing and not a chore.  Look back on your journey and see how far you have come.  Look around and take in the view and don’t despair when there is still a long way home.  Remember you’re gannin’ yem.  Enjoy!





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