Nothing much

I’ve come to an amazing point in my journey today. I’ve found that today I’ve nothing much to say. After over 240 something blog posts…. there is not a lot to tell you about.

It has been a busy day. Outside it has turned cool, grey and foggy. Just now walking home from Brownies Meg and I saw, what we thought was, the moon coming up over the Cathedral. As the fog lifted a bit we saw it was the sun. It was so shrouded in fog that we thought it was the moon. It is 8 pm and that is the first of the sun we have seen all day. This is the type of English weather I thought we would see most days here. In fact the opposite has been true. We have had positively brilliant weather most days this past fall, winter and spring.


Photo Credit: llhb posted to Panoramio

It is funny to me that we are living at the same latitude as Goose Bay, Canada but yet the winter was so mild that we only saw a dusting of snow that lasted a few hours. We have the warm Alabama sunshine to thank for that in part. It is the warm Gulf Stream air that has brought us this nice weather. Perhaps we brought it with us on our flight over.

So foggy sunset, home school, cooking, cleaning and Brownie meeting and a nice walk home with my girl. So…. nothing much. But that’s ok. Maybe you have had a lovely, nothing much kind of day as well.



2 responses to “Nothing much

  1. Enjoy these best days of your life. What a joy and to be able to share these days with your husband and family. These will provide tales for the dinner table for many years and generations to come. Thanks for sharing, Martha Anne

    • Thanks Martha Anne. I wanted to share even the mundane of days with you all. I love every day here. I can not believe we get the chance to live in the shadow of this amazing cathedral and castle. The northeast is such a loving friendly place to be. I hope our blog can be put together as a book one day so that we will always have it to read together, remember and cherish this year. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.


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