Horrible Histories

We discovered a gold mine of history here in northeast England. I never imagined that history could be so exciting to my kids. As is the format in Classical Christian education, our kids have studied world and biblical history in chronological order since 2nd grade. Their classes have history themed classrooms and theme days. Their school has helped them have a great love of reading and history, so I never thought there would be any one tool that would cause them to love history even more. I was wrong. Very wrong.

Enter Terry Deary and the “Horrible Histories”. Terry Deary has written more than 50 history books for children telling all the horrible bits about history that kids just LOVE to hear.

We just can’t get enough of the Terrible Tutors, the Groovy Greeks or the Rotten Romans.

A dear friend here in Durham introduced us to these fantastic finds.  We hope to collect an entire set to take back to our school in the states.  I hope that they are as excited as we are with this luscious literature.

Are you creepily curious?  Do you want to know more about the Vile Victorians?  Dare to know more about Mr. Deary?

Click here: http://www.terry-deary.com

There are also a bunch of videos on line.  I will say that I don’t like the videos near as much as the books.  The kids like both.  Hey, as long as they are devouring history like candy I’m not complaining.





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