Jesus is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter from England!  The day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We got up at 3:45 and a friend gave us a ride to the cathedral for the 5 am sunrise service.  It was  amazing.  The morning was cool and dark as we gathered in the cloister, the courtyard area.  The bishop read Genesis 1 and lit a torch.  Then a fire was lit from the torch.  We processed into the cathedral in the dark.  The sky was just turning from black to dark blue as the sky turned pink the light began to come in to the stained glass but that was all we could see.  The bishop lit the paschal candle while reading the Easter story and we began to pass the flame around as we all had small candles.  As all the candles were lit the sun came in the windows and all the lights were turned on and the organ began to play.  The bishop shouted “He is Risen”. Everyone began shouting and banging small instruments, shaking keys and cheering, blowing bubbles, ringing bells, and playing drums.  It was amazing. This is to remember the darkness of the world without the Resurrection and the joyful hope we have because of it.  The service had many of the elements of a very high church service: incense, processions, vestments, etc.  As we sang, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” I saw the incense flow towards the ceiling with our praises.  The young people lifted their hands in adoration as they sang.  It was a beautifully worshipful in so many ways.

This service also includes Confirmation of those who wish to profess their Christian faith and five baptisms.  We then celebrated communion together.  It was beautiful.  

We are thankful for some dear friends with whom we shared breakfast afterward.  We went home for a quick nap and then off to Carrville Methodist for a service with our church family.  It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces as we recalled the Easter week and the difficult road to Easter morning.  It was wonderful to celebrate with all ages.  What a beautiful morning.

Beth made a wonderful Sunday roast and Yorkshire Pudding with all the trimmings.  The kids even found some chocolate here and there too!

We are thankful for this Resurrection Sunday and pray that you will know the Joy that Jesus offers anew this year.



Rob, Beth, Joshua, and Meg

Not a bad looking crew for sunrise...

Not a bad looking crew for sunrise…

In front of the adorned cross, made beautiful by flowers placed in gratitude by the people.

In front of the adorned cross, made beautiful by flowers placed in gratitude by the people.


3 responses to “Jesus is Risen Indeed!

  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing day! We are having a beautiful day here in Fairhope but every day is made beautiful by Easter.

  2. Great picture of the family. How proud you must be!! It is a beautiful story that we never tire of hearing, no matter what country we are in!!

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