Holy Island – Field Trip Friday #21 (part two)

Another interesting bit that we were able to see while on Holy Island was the Lindisfarne Castle.  Lindisfarne Castle was built in 1550 as a coastal fortification.


After serving as a fort in various conflicts the castle was purchased in 1901 by Edward Hudson, owner of the magazine Country Life.

Mr. Hudson had the castle renovated by Sir Edward Lutyens and turned into a very nice bachelor pad.


The walled gardens once provided vegetables for the castle garrison.   Mr. Hudson turned the gardens over to a friend of Sir Edward Lutyens, Gertrude Jekyll, around 1906.  Ms. Jekyll designed a lovely garden inside the walled area.   I wonder… does anyone know if she was related to the Jekyll family of Jekyll Island, Georgia?

Out side the wall I could not resist these very sweet babies.  I have so much to still tell you about our field trip on Friday.  Then……. I will write a few stories about what the four of us and Mr. Ray found on Saturday.



DSC07343 DSC07349




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