Standing on “Tippy Toes”

I had another one of those “Aha” moments at Belsay Hall on Saturday.  We were walking around the Medieval tent village and we came across a man peeling sticks for an archery contest.  I noticed that he was wearing odd wooden shoes strapped to the bottom of his leather shoes.



These stilt type shoes were worn to keep the wearers feet out of the mud and muck.  In the Middle Ages there was quite a bit of mud and muck around to step in.    It didn’t hurt that the person wearing them appeared a bit taller.  If you rock forward on the “tip” of them they have a flat spot to stand up high upon.   This was called standing on “tippy toes”.   The shoes tip forward on their rocker.   AHA!!!  Cool



So standing on “Tippy Toes” make you taller.  Enjoy this little bit of knowledge today from the past.  So many things that we say today come from long, long ago.





2 responses to “Standing on “Tippy Toes”

  1. Certainly could use the “tippy toe” shoes as I seem to be getting shorter every day. Old age is a wonderful thing!! Thanks for sharing your “new found” knowledge!!

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