George and the Dragon – Belsay Hall

I can not say enough good things about the English Heritage sites in the UK.  They are fantastic!  Upon our first visit to an English Heritage site we purchase a family annual pass.  It was a great value and has paid for itself 10 times over and the year is not up yet.  We received a book of all of the English Heritage sites and updates about “What’s On” in our area.  Read more about that here:

This past Saturday our family of four plus our dear Mr. Ray took a trip to the nearby Belsay Hall. We wanted to watch St. George slay the fierce dragon.


There are many colourful legends here in Northeast England but probably none so beloved as St. George and the dragon.  It is the classic good vs evil…..  the knight in shining armour defeating the terror striking, fire-breathing beast.


We just had to see that plus you know how I love horses and St. George is always pictured riding a fantastic steed.  It is all about the horses people.  Let’s just say I was not disappointed.


We arrived to find not one but two magnificent purebred Friesian horses preparing for battle.  We also found that a small medieval village was busy about their morning chores.

A musician filled the streets with the sound of ancient tunes as a group of newly enlisted villagers trained for their new duties in the military.


Along with the new recruits the cutest little St. George we have ever seen.



There was so much to do and see at Belsay Hall.  I can not wait to show you more tomorrow.

Till then.  Cheers.




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