A Cuppa

It has been a bit of a day….. seventh grade math meltdowns, too damp outside to dry the clothes and too hot to run the heat to dry them on the radiators. It is a day that I am very grateful for an English tradition that I learned long ago actually in America.

It seems simple enough. A cup of tea steaming in a coffee mug or a pretty little tea cup. Add bit of milk and or a spoon of sugar and you have a relaxing moment.

I stopped today to take my cuppa break. It is hard to scurry around or freak out about things not worth freaking out about with a hot cuppa in your hand.


In the amount of time it takes for me to drink a cup of hot tea my head has cleared, my spirit has calmed down and I am in a better place than before. Kind of a “time out” place for Moms. It can be just enough time to breathe a prayer, to read a scripture or watch the birds. If it is not long enough well then the kettle is still hot so …….have another.

Here are a few of my favourite teas.

English Breakfast

One bag of English Breakfast Tea (a black tea)
Pour boiling water over the tea bag in a cup or mug (steep two minutes) add
1\2 tsp of demerara sugar
1 or 2 TBS of 2% milk

London Fog (from Shaye Elliott’s Blog)

One Earl Grey Tea Bag added to only a half cup of boiling water.  Let steep for a few minutes.  Then add a tsp or two of real maple syrup, tsp of real vanilla and fill the rest of the cup with steamed milk.



PS  I am headed back to reheat the kettle….I told you it has been a day….


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