The Strangest Place on Earth – According to Megan (Part 2)




The Entrance? or The Exit?

We got kind of twisted around at this point. Which is just around the corner from the giant stone animal.  Then we got stuck in a Maze 😦  But their motto is “the more you’re lost the more you will see.” DSC08186

This strange glass tower has no purpose what so ever is what most people think when they first see it.

(I thought it was quite pretty)


















This is the entrance to a tiny castle with an amazing view.    You walk down some steps and you start to hear somebody whispering in latin.




You walk through a haunted house corridor and you see this. (next picture down)  The statue of Hades is in the center and all around him are doors. The doors  look  just  like the one you came through.  Every door goes somewhere different.   We  picked a door and started our adventure.  It turned out to be an adventure through ancient Greece.  Hercules’ back was the first thing we saw.  He was holding up the walls around us.  There was a brick door, that in the dark seemed to be a dead end.  A voice kept saying, ” No turning back, open the door”.  It wasn’t creepy,  just adventurous.  There was no door handle and the door was made of brick.  Mom got a hold of some of the bricks and slowly pried the door open.  It was heavy.  We did feel like we were in an Indiana Jones movie.  As we came through the Greek tunnel.  The path was lit up with a glowing yellow branch inside the floor.  We stepped out into the sunlight between two Roman guards. We found ourselves on the stepping stone stream.

There was only one path of stepping stones.  A school group was coming down the stream so I had flips flops on and just waded through the water.  It was freezing!


We went back underground and took another path.  After opening another door we found it led through a mouse hole.  Suddenly we went into a small room (that only three people could fit into.  The floor was spinning very slowly and tiny doors leading to other passages were all around the turning circle floor.  If you looked up you could see blue light coming in from above.  It was the glass tower again!   I knew that thing would come back!!!!!!


We left a few surprises for you to come and find for yourself.  Remember that the more you are lost the more you will see!

Reporting from England,



2 responses to “The Strangest Place on Earth – According to Megan (Part 2)

  1. Hi Rob et al,
    Pam and I have enjoyed your blogs. We may be taking Grace and Lot to London and Paris this summer. If so we plan to do the usual stops in London and maybe walk some of the Thames Path with Oxford as a base. Will use the Chunnel to Paris. When we get firm maybe we can meet.
    Love Len

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