The Strangest Place on Earth – According to Megan

Now this “episode” of the strangest place on earth (Forbidden Corner) will be about the mazes and confusion of this strange place. First you walk in to the green man.(not literally.) And he is pointing where you go.


He is pointing to the entrance of the fun. As you walk on you start to see a temple like thing. (A fake animal made out of stone) As you get closer he opens his eyes.


Then you realize the only way through to the rest is through his mouth.  When you walk in he burps. And that little thing that hangs down in your throat ( “uvula” inserted by Mom).  The Creature has one that is made out of rubber.  When he burps it wiggles and it hits you in the head. 😀  When you  get to the other end of it you come out at his tail.   (like the picture seen below)








It was a crazy start to the Forbidden Corner.  We all made it through ok, including Mr. Ray.


And that is just the entrance to this crazy, strange place.  I will tell you more tomorrow.

Reporting from England,





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