On My Commute

Beth has posted several photos of little treasures that she has found in/around Durham.  Today I thought I would post some of mine.

Last night we had some friends over for supper.  You might call this a mixed marriage: she’s an American, he’s a Brit.  We were discussing the finer points of living in each these places that we love.  The conversation came around to the topic of “are you sorry you don’t have a car this year.”  Granted, there are days that I miss my vehicle and just taking off up the road when and where I want to do so.  However, there are some things we’ve experienced that we would not have otherwise.  I know Beth has talked about the slowing down, the talking time, and other neat things.  I also want to make this a learning experience for all of us.  See, we haven’t spent much time in a city.  Our American home is far from things like bus schedules, train time tables, and subway routes.  So when we do have to go somewhere, I will often say to the children, “Okay, we are going to _________.  How will we get there?  I am going to follow you, even if it is wrong.  You must get us there.”  They set off studying overhead display boards in the train station, bus time tables, and Underground maps.  Before long, they have the route planned and we are on our way.   They excel at this and have never steered us wrong.  They’ve even corrected Dad when he got in the wrong line or headed the wrong direction!

However, we spend the VAST majority of our time on foot.  I have roughly calculated that I will walk 1,000 miles this year.  (Then why in the world can I not lose 20 pounds?!?)  I thought I would take you along for a walk with me to some of my favorite discoveries in and around Durham.






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