Leon Paul Junior Series Linlithgow Scotland

After the  Leon Paul Durham tournament, I felt like I had unfinished business to do. So that’s why, when I heard of the Linlithgow tournament, I signed up right away. We rode up with some friends from fencing in their car and arrived early Saturday evening. We spent the evening in town and at the house in which we were staying. (see Sunday’s blog) A early start gave me plenty of time to warm up. We met up with some other friends from Durham and waited till my named was called. ” Joshua Haynes, to piste 3. ” (piste is pronounced pest, with a long e.) I had a very good pool only losing one bout.  I’m pretty sure I beat the person who eliminated me last time. I was so happy I could have gone home then and there. But there was still more rounds to fight. I won 2 and lost 3 next round but still better than Durham. The elimination round brackets were posted out in the hall. I discovered that I was ranked towards the middle, still doing better  than I did in Durham. I saw to my dismay, that if I won my first round, I would be up against the top person. He had a BYE ( that means that he would not fight the first round.) so that meant that there was no chance of him being eliminated  in the first round. Sigh. I won my first bout so now I was against the top fencer in the tournament. I was however, I was on piste 1, the nicest piste. I lost 10-2, but later I found out he won the whole thing later.  If I go down, I want to lose to the best person there. I had fought hard and I was happy. That night, as we checked the Leon Paul Junior Series website, I discovered that I was ranked #72 in the WORLD for my age group. That is still just in the Leon Paul Junior Series. Still I’m happy. I look forward to returning to my old club in Alabama, but I will miss my friends here. It will also be nice to get back my foil sword. I plan on writing one more blog about fencing. Until then, cheers mate!





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