British Breakfast Silliness

One of the wonderful things that we have enjoyed while living in Durham is the lack of additives in foods here. There are a multitude of artificial ingredients that are not allowed under EU standards to be placed in foodstuffs in Europe.

I love this because I like to eat foods that are minimally processed. So my work in shopping for the family is much easier here. We do not have orange juice every day but when we treat ourselves to a bit of breakfast yumminess we purchase this fun juice.


Our favourite thing to do at breakfast is to read the fun animal photos on the outside of the bottle.

10421615_10152116727438021_270539157076273766_n 10371935_10152116727553021_3354807074761951997_n

The whole container is funny to read. Not mentioning the juice is really delicious.


It is a special treat when we start our day with a bit of orange juice and a good laugh.   Ah the simple things…… Oh and read carefully “Orange  Blossoms are not included”.




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