Goodnight Puffin

Tonight was Meg and my last night at Brownie Girl Guides. We have so enjoyed the Girl Guiding program here in Durham. I have enjoyed serving as an adult helper with our unit. Each adult is known by a bird name. Natalie our unit leader is called “Jay”. The other adults are known as “Snowy Owl and Nightingale”. I am known as “Puffin”.  I chose this name because I love Puffins. They are a local bird but I have yet to see one in real life.



During the meeting tonight we had a fun night filled with games, memories, snacks, cards and presents. The group was so very sweet to me and Meg. We love each and every girl so much. We pray that they grow in wisdom and grace as they each continue in their lives. Meg and I will pray for them and their leaders. The past leaders of the group have become quite precious to us as well, Brown Owl, Tawny Owl and Robin. I can not thank them enough for their guidance as I found my way from former US Girl Scout to UK Brownie Girl Guide helper.

We did not end our meeting tonight in the usual way. We were running a bit late and parents were waiting. Brownies and adults gave quick hugs and blessings and slipped away. I am secretly glad we did not end in our usual fashion. I would have shed too many tears over our Brownie Bells Closing. (Westminster Chimes)

O Lord Our God
Thy Children Call
Grant Us Thy Peace
and Bless Us All – Good Night
(each leader says, “Good Night Brownies”)
(Brownies Answer “Good Night ___________ )

It might have been to hard tonight to raise my three fingers and say, “Good Night Brownies”
and hear
one last
………….…………”Goodnight Puffin”



Good Night All,


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