Out in the sunshine

About a month ago Rob and I sat down with the kids around the dinner table and talked about the things that we still wanted to see and do during our time left in Durham.  One of those items on our list was to take a small wooden boat out on the River Wear (remember long E). It is one of those small local adventures that we kept meaning to do but couldn’t quite find the time to get round to actually doing.

Image 5

Monday the sun was bright and warm so we took advantage of the beautiful June weather and popped round for a boat to hire.

We all had a turn rowing.  It was much harder than a canoe or kayak that we are accustomed to.

The view from the river of the Catherdal\Castle Complex is much different.


Rowers practicing and Cathedral on the left castle peeking above the trees on the right

We really enjoyed the day and our time on the Wear.  Now I guess we should begin a list of things we wish to do in Alabama.




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