Summer Bounty

Last week we completed our first full week back at school. It has been wonderful to be with friends and faculty again at our sweet school. Monday has always been my favorite workday. I know, weird, right? Our school holds chapel on Monday mornings and it is such a blessing to be in a room filled with students praising The Lord. I love to hear them sing with such heartfelt praise. What a joy, a delight!

We have had a bit tougher time adjusting to the August heat and humidity that has been delightfully low key since we returned home. It returned this past week in full force. The heat index on Saturday past was 107. The air temp was near a 100 all day with humidity in the 97% range. That is some kinda hot, people. Even at 9 pm that night, long after the sun had set, the air temp was still 90 f. Whoa. My friends back in Durham were posting pictures on the beach in their coats because it was down into the 50’s. I’m not really liking either of those options for August weather. Somewhere nicely in the middle would suit me just fine.

Along with the bounty of hot weather also came bounty from a friend’s garden. Their pear trees were overflowing and invited us to share in the harvest. Mom and I put up quite a lot of them in the freezer. Upon arriving home tonight and not knowing what to cook for supper I decided to use a few of those pears in a recipe I made up as I went along. If you are faced with a few too many pears this summer’s end try this easy recipe and put them to good use.

Feeds four

2 large chicken breast sliced into strips across the grain of the meat.
Cook in a skillet on medium heat well coated in olive oil
Add one inch of pealed, sliced ginger root (fresh)
Add two large pears (peeled and sliced)
Simmer on low for 15 to 20 minutes covered

Serve over white rice

Very delicious use of abundance of pears.

Blessings and Cheer,



One response to “Summer Bounty

  1. Enjoying seeing your post again!! This summer has been a super hot one and I know it is rough walking back into it. Sounds as though things are going great with your family. Getting back into the school mode is rough, but a good thing to. Hope all of you are well and happy back in the USA. What a wonderful experience for all of you in the UK. Thinking of you, Martha Anne

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